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Migration to Shopify

"aan de zeven alleetjes" Is a Florist based in the Netherlands, the company has over 100 years history. They have had an online presence for many years already, a custom made website which was perfect for when it was originally build but by now was outdated and not user friendly enough. We have worked with "aan de zeven alleetjes" to build a completely new Shopify website for them and to migrate their old website to the Shopify platform.

Besides a fresh look, improved user  experience and an expansion of products available on the website we've also updated the logistical process. Customers will now be updated throughout the order process of the status of their order and get a confirmation when the order has been delivered. As the majority of the orders are gifts to other people it keeps the person who ordered up to date on the status.

Without using any extra marketing campaigns, after 2 months we can already see drastic performance changes on the website:

  • Increase of website traffic YoY  35%

  • Decrease of Bounce rate YoY 26%

With the old website the store was unable to track the revenue of the website, now with the new Shopify website the store is able to get detailed reports on total revenue, number of sales, returning users, products sold etc. this will enable the store to continue the growth of the online sales.

Desktop website homepage old and new

Mobile website homepage old and new

Website impressions

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